Find what you love and let it kill you.

Rest in peace John, I love you.



Posting this before I change my mind! :$

I have fallen in love and I’m telling you she means everything to me, she makes me feel like nothing else matters….not even what the world thinks of me. (pink shirt)
www.thatgirlbroxxzz, (blue jacket)
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sky looks amazing wow ok
on way back from oxford, had an amazing time, good luck to my brother with his interview at the university!

"I think kissing is the most pure and raw form of physical contact there could ever be. Sex is intimate, sure, but you can have sex with anyone. A kiss though, my god. A kiss can change your world. A small touch between two pairs of lips can blow your mind. Whether it be short and sweet, or long and intense. And when you find someone that looks at you like you’re more beautiful than a blossoming rose; you never want to feel another’s lips against yours ever again."
The Purity of a Kiss - (jpzg)

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